01.jpgEach one of us is blessed with life our mother's womb. The joy of carrying a child, the feeling of a baby's kick, is an irreplaceable experience.

Mothers face many hardships during pregnancy like growing bellies, morning sickness, and labor pains before finally giving birth.

03.jpgFathers get to meet their child at the end of 9 months without suffering through the physical changes that take place. 

04.jpgMen who do not understand the difficulties of pregnancy often neglect to give special consideration to a pregnant woman, such as offering to carry her bags or give up a seat on a crowded bus. 

05.jpgWhy don't more people understand the hardships of pregnancy? Perhaps if men could comprehend these labors, they would be more amiable towards regnant women and have stronger affectionate ties with their newborn children.

Why don't more people understand the hardships of pregnancy? Perhaps if men could comprehend these labors, they would be more amiable towards pregnant women and have stronger affectionate ties with their newborn children. 06.jpg

07.jpgWith Mommy Tummy, we aim for a better world that treats maternity with the care it deserves.

p.jpgSystem configuration 

  The Mommy Tummy is composed of a water bag, touch sensor, acceleration sensor, and fetal air actuator. To simulate the growth and weigh gain of a fetus, warm water is pumped into the bag. The warm water is maintained at 37-38 degrees Celsius by a heater. The vibrator in the jacket simulates the fetal heartbeat. A touch sensor is attached to the front of the jacket to measure the force with which the hand strokes the tummy.
  The air actuator (balloon) is used to simulate the kicking of the fetus. The balloon placed in the front of the system is used to simulate breast development.


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LavalVirtual2010 , France(Laval) 236 105 131
2010月03月21日 石川コンテンツマーケット2010 , Japan(ISHIKAWA) - - -
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いしかわ夢未来博2009 , Japan(ISHIKAWA) 148 75 73
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TOTAL 1317 687 507

  Q1:What is "Mimmy Tummy" and how it works?
  It normally takes 9 months to reach full-term, but MommyTummy simulates reaching a full-term stomach in just two minutes. The stomach gradually gets bigger along with the breasts. In addition fetal movement such as kicking and wiggling of the baby can be felt starting in the 5th month of simulation.
  After the 2-minute simulation comes an interactive part with the virtual baby. The system uses a mood model for the baby's reactions. Strenuous movements upset the baby, which can be calmed by soothingly rubbing the belly of the suit. This simulates communicating with the baby while performing such actions as picking up dropped items, getting up from lying down, or standing up from a seated position.
  Such heavy movements are discouraged until the baby's mood stabilizes once again. This is ultimately just a game, but the interactive part allows the user to experience the need for a pregnant woman to soothe her child in the womb.

Q2:What kind of technology is begin developed for this system? 
 The technological development targeted mainly the fetal movement in the abdomen. Actual fetal movement occurs from the inside in an outward direction, but MommyTummy creates an illusion of fetal movement from the outside in. This is implemented by 48 small balloons positioned along the stomach.

Q3:What are the main objectives for this development?
  In reality, men are not able to experience the sensations of pregnancy. However, we think that by using MommyTummy men should be able to understand at least a little bit of the experience. We want to make the world a little better by giving men the opportunity to understand the feelings that accompany pregnancy.

 Q4:Will "MommyTummy" be on the market soon?
  We are considering commercialization of the suit, but it is still very much a work in progress. Small issues with maintenance, like having to exchange a balloon that bursts during simulation, must first be resolved. Besides, we are currently searching for a sponsor to assist with financial matters.